go-greenre is an activity and educational page created by greenre brand — an eco-design manufacturer and consumer brand specializing in licensed and private label products. By creating products like activity and back-to-school featuring popular brands and characters, we are providing a sustainable option while allowing kids to engage with the brands they love!

Eco-Consumer Activities

We are currently running a Colouring Contest Draw, and we want to see your child’s colouring skills for a chance to win our eco-conscious products!


Did you know that some trees have been to the moon? “Moon trees” were grown from seeds taken to the moon during the Apollo 14 mission in early 1971!

Tree Planting

Learn more about our tree planting commitment and how you can plant and register your own tree!


Best-in-class Brand Licensees

Our partners include Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, LOL Surprise, Emoji Brand, Angry Birds, Warner Bros., and DC Comics.


We manufacture a wide variety of stationery, activity, craft, back to school, novelty, office and select home products.


Many people want to do good for the environment but aren’t sure where to start — every small effort makes a collective impact. Whether you are a potential customer, retailer, investor or team member, why not start here with us?


As an authorized liscensor of popular brands like LOL Surprise, Disney, and Marvel and more, we offer a sustainable version of the products your kids love, so you can both feel good about your purchase!


Join our growing list of retailers and offer your customer a green alternative to their chilldren’s favourite branded products!

Join the Team

As a team member, as an investor, or as an ambassador — we are always welcoming of people who have the same values as we do!